Cisco Refresh Outlet is a new offering being piloted for Cisco’s Authorized Channel Partners (“Channel Partners”) in EEA and Switzerland. It is an e-commerce platform, provided by CDS, that allows the sale of surplus Cisco Refresh (-RF) products directly to Channel Partners.

CDS Business Services host a proprietary e-commerce platform that we are leveraging for the sale of our surplus Cisco Refresh (-RF) products. CDS is Cisco Authorized Distributor of Cisco Refresh (-RF) product only and only to Cisco Authorized Channel Partners via the Cisco Refresh Outlet.

All Channel Partners in EEA and Switzerland will have access to the outlet pilot commencing March 2016. The pilot is for Cisco Channel Partners only.

No, the Cisco Refresh Outlet is available to Cisco Channel Partners only.

The platform will sell product that is surplus to existing demand at a predetermined price. There are no further discounts, rebates or incentives are applicable. All products are Cisco Refresh (-RF) products.

Cisco Refresh (-RF) Products are denoted by an –RF at the end of the product number. Cisco Refresh products are sourced from Cisco’s Worldwide Reverse Logistics organization and encompass products acquired through our reverse logistics, stock rotations, demo returns, surplus manufacturing, warrantee returns, lease returns and trade in’s. Cisco’s diverse sourcing options provide access to a wide range of current and end of sale products. All of these products are remanufactured and Cisco Certified as per the Cisco Refresh quality standards.

Yes, all products purchased from the Cisco Refresh Outlet will have the same warranty, license and support terms as their new counterparts.

Yes, the Cisco Refresh Outlet checkout procedure captures End User information for items that are for resale and revenue will be allocated as per the End User details provided.

The Cisco Refresh Outlet is hosted by a 3rd party, CDS Business Services.

Channel Partners will buy Cisco Refresh (-RF) products from CDS thus CDS will be processing all of the transactions for the pilot. Channel Partners will need to establish a trading relationship with CDS in order to purchase Cisco Refresh (-RF) products via the Outlet.

No, CDS are limited to the resale of surplus Cisco Refresh (-RF) product as identified by the Cisco Refresh Outlet team.

For the pilot we are using the e-commerce platform as a one stop solution. After the pilot we currently plan to move the Cisco Refresh Outlet go to market to transact through our traditional distribution model.

No, all Cisco Refresh (-RF) products sourced from the Cisco Refresh Outlet are for sale at the price listed on the e-commerce site. The pricing is the same for all Channel Partners.

No, products are sold on a first come first served basis.

Yes, Channel Partners are asked to specify at point of order which products they are purchasing for internal purposes.

Partners can buy for service sparing.

No. The Cisco Refresh Outlet price is the final sale price.

No, Cisco Refresh Outlet sales are not eligible for any other Channel Partner Program incentives.

No, there is no limit on the quantity of products which can be purchased by a Cisco Authorized Channel Partner (subject to availability).

No, all Channel Partner Agreement terms apply to products sourced from the Cisco Refresh Outlet.

No, the Cisco Refresh Outlet is an e-commerce site for surplus equipment; the inventory is free flowing and cannot be predicted. It is designed to be the “go-to” platform for Channel Partners who are looking for aggressively priced Cisco Refresh (-RF) product that would otherwise require a very high discount DSA approval.

No, this is a full EEA and Switzerland Channel Partner pilot. We don’t expect all Channel Partners to use the Cisco Refresh Outlet but we are not restricting access.

Yes, we can set up individuals with access rights, Sales with browsing and wish list only rights and purchaser/s with full capabilities.

No, the Cisco Refresh Outlet is only for Cisco Refresh (-RF) products that have been remanufactured by Cisco.

1. For order cancellation open a case with Cisco
2. For UI support send email to